Class Level Descriptions

Level 1

This level is appropriate for people who want to work on reviewing balboa and bal-swing fundamentals as well as brand new balboa dancers. This level will work from the ground up, offering basic balboa vocabulary for first time beginners and helping improve connection, quality of motion, and overall technique for more seasoned beginners. There will be a practice session with advanced balboa dancers available for questions and guidance at the end of both days of instruction. Level 1 is limited to only 15 follows and 15 leaders. 

Level 2
This level is appropriate for people who are familiar with basic balboa and bal-swing vocabulary (ad libs, come around, toss out, crabwalks, outs and ins, lollies, swivels, etc.) These dancers regularly social dance balboa and bal-swing to tempos up to 180 bpm. They are ready to begin adding footwork variations and are interested in improving transitions between movements and the overall flow in their dancing. 

Level 3
This level is limited to the most advanced dancers at the event. On Saturday, level 2 students will take classes with level 3 students. At the end of the day, instructors will choose 10-15 couples to participate in a separate level 3 track.